Take A South Island Adventure Tour In New Zealand

If you love adventure and really want to get your blood pumping, then you might want to take a South Island adventure tour from Adventure Junkies. You will go on daily adventures and participate in extreme sports on these ten-day tours. You will get to enjoy things like skydiving, white water rafting, and bungy jumping.

These tours are designed for the serious adventurer and they will have your adrenaline pumping fast. If you want to push yourself to your limit and explore the extremes of your fears, then the NZ Adrenaline tour is going to be the right choice. The tour lasts for ten days and each tour includes heli biking, skydiving, white water rafting, and bungy jumping.

This tour is non-stop and and guided by the best guides. You will enjoy your adventures on the South Island which is one of the most exciting places to experience adventures in the world. You will travel all over the island taking extreme adventure trips as you go. It is a once in a lifetime chance to live out your fantasies and test yourself.

Another great South Island adventure tour is the NZ Adventure. This ten-day tour provides you with multiple planned activities and also gives you some freedom to explore New Zealand on your own. You will travel through the South Island and take a few days to relax. You can also choose activities on those days if you wish.

The NZ Explorer tour focuses on exploring all the amazing geographical features of the South Island. You will explore the canyons, beaches and mountains and each adventure is going to get your adrenaline going. You will get to participate in extreme sports and adventures but you also get to explore the beauty of the island. Imagine getting up close to exotic wildlife or relaxing on a golden beach. You might explore the wild canyons and amazing underground rivers.

The QT Adrenaline South Island adventure tour is designed to pump you up and get your juices flowing. You will get all the extreme sports and adventures that you can handle and you will get it done in three action-packed days. If you don’t have ten days to spare, this trip is going to be just perfect for you. You will enjoy rafting, jumping out of helicopters, biking, sailing through waterfalls, jet boating and more. You will get your fill of adventure with this tour and it includes meals and accommodations.

When you want to learn what you are made of, you can’t beat a South Island adventure tour. These tours are going to get you going and you will be enjoying them on the South Island. If you have ever wanted to try a tour Adventure Junkies is the place to book your tour. They offer the best activities and they also have a high customer satisfaction rate. If you want to experience an adventure that you are never going to forget, try an adventure tour.